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Sell Us Your Books

Selling for cash

We purchase all types of hardcover and paperback books, offering prices depending on the selling price of the book in the used book market, the demand for the title, and how many copies we may already have.

You may bring your boxes or bags of books to either of our two locations for our review and purchase.  If you have MORE THAN TEN BOXES, you might consider MAKING AN APPOINTMENT (904-477-9416) to leave off your books for review at our warehouse located at 2050 Forest St.  NOTE: We do not pay out cash from the Forest Street warehouse.  All payments for books are from either of our two retail locations.  Also, if you have a rather large collection, you may want to set up an appointment to have our buyer visit your location to review and purchase the books (To set up an appointment, please phone 904-477-9416.)

We also purchase audio books, music CD's, DVD's, old post cards, old maps, comics prior to the mid-seventies, and most old magazines prior to the sixties.

Trade In Your Books.

As an alternative to selling for cash, many of our customers trade-in their books and obtain a book credit for future book purchases. The book credit is good for your use indefinitely, and can be converted into cash at any time. The cash value is 40% less than the book credit value. For example if you had $200.00 in book credit, you could obtain $120.00 in cash.

The book credit can be used to purchase new or used books, audiobooks, music CD's, and DVD's.

The amount of book credit offered for your books varies according to the expected selling price of book in the used market. A book’s selling price is determined by its condition, the salability of the book, the demand for the book, and how many copies we already have in our inventory.